Learning through discovery

Facilitated cultural learning is above all key to education. Everyone should be able to experience the discovery, surprise and amazement artwork can produce. Art can open up new horizons and overturn assumptions. Individuals change and evolve constantly according to the encounters and experiences they have. Familiarity with contemporary art, by definition unique, is ideal for developing a sense of discovery and open-mindedness. But this familiarity is not always immediate; it must be prepared and built up. Facilitated cultural learning seeks to do all that is necessary to ensure that this happens successfully. The key to understanding art must be passed on. By presenting it in its context, so it may be felt and lived authentically. Facilitated cultural learning is part of the democratic notion of the “right to continued education”: in other words, throughout one's existence, the right to be helped and stimulated, to understand the emotional impact of art that invents - and reinvents - our daily lives.