An essential album for the visit of the exhibition. Fully illustrated, this book includes an exclusive interview with Daniel Buren, a group of commented and illustrated artworks, the key concepts of the artist's work, preparatory sketches and photographs of the exhibition.
Authors : Daniel Buren, Jean-Marie Gallais, Marc Sanchez.
Preface from the French Minister for Culture and Communication.
Language: bilingual edition (French and English).
Price: 12.90 Euros, 80 pages.
Co-edition: The Centre national des arts plastiques and the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais.

Monograph “BUREN”, text: Guy Lelong
A new version of the monograph on Daniel Buren will be published in the “Nouvelle Création contemporaine” collection, created by the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) and Flammarion. The 2012 edition includes texts by Guy Lelong, updated and reviewed by the author, as well as numerous photographs of works, mainly the one presented during MONUMENTA 2012
Language: bilingual edition (French and English).
Price: 45 Euros, 240 pages.
Co-edition: Centre national des arts plastiques and Flammarion.

Book “Daniel Buren, Les Écrits, 1965-2012"
Essential for an in-depth understanding of the work of Daniel Buren, the book is made of two volumes containing more than 600 reference texts by the artist, open letters, leaflets, interviews, documents, etc.
> In exclusivity, on the occasion of MONUMENTA 2012, the first volume of the book will be sold at the MONUMENTA bookshop. The two volumes will be available in September/October 2012.
Author: Daniel Buren.
Director of the publication: Marc Sanchez, Centre national des arts plastiques.
Language: French.
Price: 70 Euros, around 4,000 pages.
Co-edition: Centre national des arts plastiques and Flammarion.

Booklet, “Daniel Buren", Teaching resources
A booklet of teaching resources for the use of teachers and pupils will be produced by the Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique – Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique, in collaboration with the CNAP. It brings together some keys for understanding the work of Daniel Buren. Adapted to the different school levels, the booklet can also be of high interest to the wide public that is looking for a better insight into Daniel Buren’s universe.
Price: 5 Euros, 48 pages.
Edition: CRDP/CNDP.

Book “Daniel Buren, Excentrique(s), Esquisses graphiques”
Published specifically for MONUMENTA 2012, this book includes most of the sketches, preparatory drawings and plans, designed by Daniel Buren for MONUMENTA. Arranged chronologically, showing the evolution of thinking, the sketches are reproduced at actual size. The document also presents the projects that were not retained by the artist.
Price: 25 Euros, 96 pages.
Edition: Dilecta, with the support of MONUMENTA.