The importance of art education

Children’s spontaneity and their powerful imagination make them an especially receptive public. Based on exchange between teachers and students, learning activities are open to the needs and requirements of all. This event offers the material and spatial conditions for concentration and reflection, with special areas set aside and indicated in the exhibition layout. Relying on its exceptional context, MONUMENTA seeks to offer each student the opportunity to think and position himself freely as an individual. In this way school groups can understand how important the view is that the artist has of the world, opening themselves up to the future perspectives it offers.

In 2011, the most recent MONUMENTA welcomed over 5,900 students, from kindergarten to high school, coming for special tours from the 19 regional school districts throughout France, and even from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. This success proves that offering learning activities, through dialogue with the school districts and teachers as well as creating pertinent school program circuits can meet and anticipate expectations.