The Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP)

The Centre national des arts plastiques, a public body, is the principal operator of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in the domain of contemporary art. In its cultural capacity, it supports artists for the production and diffusion of their works to the public at large; in its economic capacity, it attends to the professionals in the French artistic scene; in its artistic capacity, it co-produces the great events of the ministry of Culture and Communication (MONUMENTA and La Triennale).

For MONUMENTA 2012 - DANIEL BUREN, the Centre national des arts plastiques is the associate commissioner for the event. In this role, it is responsible for the direction of the artistic production, the scheduling of the cultural programme, the editions, the overall programme for educational activities, the public reception, the dealings with partners and sponsors, the communication and relations with the press. With Flammarion, it is producing a co-edition of "Daniel Buren, Les Écrits, 1965-2012", a monograph devoted to the artist, and the catalogue of the event with the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais.

The Centre national des arts plastiques acquires and commissions works of art on behalf of the State, and circulates them in France and abroad through loans and storage and by organising exhibitions, in partnership with museums and cultural institutions of all kinds. It commissions public art for the nation and directs the production of works created for the French Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice, in collaboration with the French Institute.

Finally, it operates several aid facilities for art professionals, such as assistance with début exhibitions, assistance with the production of catalogues, research grants and help with the editing of art books. It also offers practical answers to professionals in the field of contemporary art through the resources available online at its internet website