Pierre Guyotat

© Photo C. Hélie, Gallimard


Pierre Guyotat

Friday 1 June, 8pm

"Reading De rerum natura ['On nature'] by Lucretius in Latin"

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Pierre Guyotat: "When I was invited to participate in one of Monumenta's evening events, I was in the process of re-reading Lucretius, who can only be read in Latin while uttering aloud how his world seems crushed down like a portent of impending doom. So I offered to continue this private reading in public. Lucretius lived in a time of civil wars, slave wars,banishments, bloodshed, despair. But two generations later, when Rome was beginning to regain control, Ovid wrote of him: The poems of the sublime Lucretius will not perish until the day when the entire world is destroyed."

> Duration: 45 minutes

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