Other artists

MS: Other artists will be doing things in your work during the exhibition. There will be dance, literature, theatre, music and even circus acts. Are you generally happy about these hybrid events and encounters within your work?

DB: Of course! I cannot remember ever having turned away artists who have asked if they could use my work in some way to perform theirs. There have been many such requests, for example, in the main courtyard of the Palais-Royal, for plays, ballets, films and so on. You must know that I systematically accept all these requests, free of charge, even if I do not necessarily agree with the film, work or choreography in question. On the other hand, I am much more circumspect for commercial requests, for advertising, for example, and then it is not free any more. For the Grand Palais, I am delighted that other artists, from various disciplines, have agreed to come and perform in the space I have created. I am sure that these encounters will be a very rewarding, culturally and aesthetically.